My Academic Internship

THE NET offers internship to students in year one  in the university in the form of practical training.  The internship runs during the period of June till August.

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Our AIm

What is the aim of this internship?

Our aim is to permit students to learn skills and  practice what they have been doing in school theoretically through a series of practical sessions of 6-8 hours per day and 4-5 times a week. 

Who can take part in our internship?

Those eligible for our internship are; 

  • Software  Engineering and Hardware Maintenance Students, 
  • Networking Students,
  • Digital Marketing and Corporate Communications Students
  • Other students that want to learn computer skills and graphic design.

What will you get from this internship?

THE NET’S My Internship is designed to help students improve their practical skills in their field of study. We also continue to provide assist to students in completing their internship projects and writing their report after the internship period is over.

Software Students

Software students will learn how to create full SEO-optimized and beautiful-looking websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, and MySQL, Python and Django for the backend and Graphic design.  

Networking Students

As a networking student, you will learn network administration, system administration, IP addressing, routing, and the basics of Python for networking.

Digital Marketing and Corporate Comm. Students

Digital Marketing and Corporate Communications students will practice how to create attractive social media posts, design beautiful flyers, banners, and short marketing videos that can fit well on any social media platform. They will also learn the techniques of Google business and the basics of SEO.

Other Fields

We also allow students from other fields wishing to learn graphic design, web design, SEO, graphic design, and Microsoft office professional tools(Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) to register and take part in our internship.


How much does it cost

Those willing to participate in our internship will have to pay 32000 CFA for the training period of two months and 5000 CFA for registration. The student will be given a THE NET T-shirt at the start of the internship after registration.

Internship Location: Carrefour Cité des Palmiers, Douala